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Should I Buy the DJI Phantom 2?

So, I am 15 years old and have been flying since I was 11. I want to buy the DJI Phantom 2 and accessories, I am not sure if it is worth its money. Anybody have any advice???? I already have the Gopro Hero3+.
Thats all the stuff I want to buy.
http://www.helipal.com/dji-phantom-2-gps-drone-rtf.html (with IOSD Mini and Gimbal)
http://www.helipal.com/dji-5-8ghz-clover-leaf-antenna.html?osCsid=7co2futvcm3kikfkk1245vt460 (better range)

Thanks in Advance!!

What Gopro should I get? Gopro naked?

I might be getting a Gopro for the first time,but I don’t want to drop 300 bucks on something I’m not sure about. Then I saw the original, which is 70 bucks. I’m just wondering if there’s some kind of catch or reason I shuld’nt get the Gopro naked. Help?