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What is the Best Action Camera to Buy

Welcome to SportActionCamera.com, the website to buy the latest sport action cameras and accessories online!

The most common question people ask is “What is the best action camera to buy?

There are a wide selection of Action Cameras available in the market, each made for a different purpose and situation.

So the question to ask is “What are you going to record with the Action Camera?

  • What is the best action camera to buyWildlife Hunting
  • Casual Cycling
  • Mountain Biking
  • Deep Sea Diving
  • Boat Fishing
  • Quadcopter Flying
  • Time Lapse Video
  • Sports and Running
  • etc

The next question is “What essential feature should the Action Camera have?

The last question to ask is “What is your budget available to buy the Action Camera?

Check out the Action Cameras below $100 at Amazon.

Finally, and most importantly, before making a decision, be sure to watch video reviews and comparisons where you can actually see real results of the Action Cameras in action!

At the same time, check out the Best Selling Action Cameras at Amazon.

If you are still in doubt, feel free to leave a question here.


How to hook the CamPark action sports camera to a computer?

More CamPark Product FAQ.


Connecting Sony FDR-X1000V Action Cam to iPhone

Connect Sony FDR-X1000V to iPhone

Here’s how to connect your Sony FDR-X1000V action camera to your iPhone.  Just do 10 simple steps on each device as follows.

On your Sony FDR-X1000V  Sony Action Cam FDR-X1000V

  1. Press the PREV button a few times till the screen shows SETUP.
  2. Press the RECORD button on top to select SETUP.
  3. Press the PREV button a few times till the screen shows CONFG.
  4. Press the RECORD button on top to select CONFG.
  5. The screen should show WIFI. Otherwise press PREV button a few times till the screen shows WIFI.
  6. Press the RECORD button on top to select WIFI.
  7. The screen should show ON. Otherwise press PREV button a few times till the screen shows ON.
  8. Press the RECORD button on top to exit SETUP.
  9. The screen should show MOVIE. Otherwise select Movie.
  10. The wifi icon should show on the top left of the screen.  wifi-icon

On your iPhone

  1. Go to App Store.
    Apple App Store
  2. Search and install free PlayMemories Mobile. pm_mobile_ttl
  3. If you already have the app, ensure it is updated.
  4. Open Settings.
  5. Turn on Wi-fi.
  6. Select “DIRECT [SSID] FDR-X1000V”.
  7. Find the camera SSID and password in the Startup Guide that came with your camera.
  8. Enter password.
  9. Select Join and wait for it to connect.
  10. Open PlayMemories Mobile app.

You can now operate your Sony X1000V action camera from your iPhone as well as transfer video clips over.

Feel free to leave your questions below.

Or go here for more help… http://helpguide.sony.net/cam/1520/v1/en/contents/TP0000651828.html

Sony Action Cam Backpack Mount Instructions | VCT-BPM1

Before attaching

  1. Attach the tripod adapter to the camera.
  2. It is recommended to use backpack to fix the camera steady.
  3. Always tighten the backpack straps as close as possible to the body. If the straps are loose, it will affect the image.

When attaching

  1. Attach the belt to the upper part of the stabilizer pad under the cover covered.
  2. Connect the other end of the belt to the grooves on either side of the mount.
  3. Stabilizer pad must cover belt (hook-and-loop fasteners) for convex side.
  4. Wearing the backpack mount, ensure that you do not damage your clothing on the convex side of the belt (hook-and-loop fastener).
  5. Be sure to firmly tighten belt.
  6. Camera angle is adjustable. Adjust the camera base with articulated arm.

Directing of the camera upwards

  1. You can record overhead subjects by reversing the arm kit. Reverse arm kit and attach it to the attachment buckle, and then reconnect them to the mount.
  2. If your camera has a Flip Vertical feature, set the camera settings to [flip] (vertically). For more information, please refer to the camera’s manual.


  • When the cameras attached in reverse, GPS sensitivity is reduced and the function of your GPS location and measurement may not be possible.

When charging and recording images

  • Adjust cable position to avoid bending the cable connector terminal.

To Remove

  • When removing the backpack mount, reverse the attaching procedure.

Sony_BackPack_VCTBPM1_Operating_Instructions_Manual [PDF]